Jason Scott Comment on Discord Should Make You Think Twice About Keeping Archives with Him

Jason Scott is a very well-known archivist who is most well known for his archival website; textfiles.com.

By running an archive Jason Scott has helped preserve information that may have been lost otherwise but that does not mean that he has not said that can be a cause for concern.

Jason Scott has made a few comments about Donald trump online including; saying that “Trump is 32 kinds of awful” and “This is a terrible president” in a retweet to the president who was talking about his classic CNN is fake news rhetoric. This on its own should not make anyone worry about archiving with him, as he has made a statement on his LinkedIn profile that shows him before pro-free speech;

“I explained that as a librarian, I maintained an archive and library of all sorts of materials, some which I supported and many I was neutral or negative on – this is the nature of free speech.” (Image archive as archive.is does not work with LinkedIn).

You might be asking why I included anti-trump comments by Jason Scott as they don’t have anything directly to do with Jason Scott but its there to provide some context into some things we might need to watch out for in the future. The main point of this article is about this comment Jason Scott left on his discord “server”:

Jason Scott#3472 [04-Mar-18 08:38 AM]
“Wrongthink” is a phrase like “Virtue Signalling” where I mostly put your marker two notches under zero and then idly see where things go


Saying that the phase wrong think, “put your marker two notches under zero” is a bit worrying as if you don’t know about the phase wrongthink, It is generally used to describe when social media companies try to enforce a political point of view by banning or showdown banning people whose political point of view does not match the one shared by the social media company.

As Jason Scott owns his own archives and works for the Internet Archive, him making comments like this should make you at least somewhat concerned. Knowing this I would recommend you keep your own copies of anything you send to Jason Scott or the Internet Archive in case that slippery slope does happen, especially if the content is controversial in any way.

If you spot anything suspicious concerning regarding Jason Scott or Internet Archive please email me at matthew@worldofmatthew.info





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