Will Theresa May Ban the Internet or Put China like Restrictions on It?

Theresa May is a massive authoritarian who has a massive hate boner for the internet. I mean, Theresa May has found every excuse to try to regulate the internet including; blaming the internet for helping terrorists, blaming the internet for “abuse”, blaming the internet for modern slavery and blaming the internet because it allows for encryption of data. Theresa May basically blames the internet for all of society’s ills and wants to control it, and in order to get control of the internet Theresa May spews out a bunch of blatant propaganda.

But why would Theresa May want to control the internet? If you ask her than its mainly about stopping terrorism but if that was the case the police would be better funded and better at handing reports of potential terrorists. My theory of why Theresa May wants to control the internet is that she wants to control the information the citizens of the United Kingdom are allowed to see.
All political sides should see past the propaganda spewed by Theresa May, like for example;
If you are on the left wing than you should be worried about being labelled an “extremist” for protesting fracking and being arrested for it.
If you are on the right wing than you should be worried about being labelled as someone who spews “hate speech” or “abuse” for complaining about girls getting raped by migrants and being arrested for it.

So, what happens next?

I see that Theresa May will attempt to pass a bunch of laws to control the internet but these laws will fail to meet the goals of Theresa May as people she dislikes’ will just move to the deep web or just platforms that don’t care about what Theresa May wants.

What will happen when these laws fail to censor people Theresa May dislikes?

I think upon failing to censor the internet through her current ideals for new laws, Theresa May will start to get even more extreme, this will likely lead to one of two outcomes;

  1. She will copy China and make a government blocklist that all internet service providers will have to follow or be closed down. For this the government would only have to expand the porn blocklist to other areas.
  2. She will make a United Kingdom only intranet where only websites approved by the government will be allowed, a bit like North Korea. This will cause huge economic damage in the long term but when has a government ever thought in the long term?

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