Theresa May Wants to Keep the United Kingdom in the Single Market and Customs Union

This morning, British prime minister Theresa May betrayed the leave vote in her agreement with the European Union.

In a deal agreed between Theresa May and Brussels, The United Kingdom will be keeping a “full alignment (Part 49 and 50)” with the EU single market. This likely means that we will be getting a soft-Brexit. This means full free movement of people and no sovereignty for the United Kingdom. This is a complete betrayal of the Brexit vote.
If the Conservative Brexiteers had any balls, they would launch a motion of no confidence against Theresa May at the party level and replace her with someone like David Davis or Jacob Rees-Mogg. And before anyone suggests replacing Theresa May with Michael Gove, Michael Gove has joined her in betraying the vote.
The only political party taking a stand against this betrayal of the vote is UKIP, with the following tweet by its’ leader Henry Bolton:

As Brexit supporters, we need to remind people that Theresa May is a remainer who wants to trap in the EU. She is only claiming to want for Brexit to happen as that allows her to remain, prime minister of this country. Brexit is a huge risk if we don’t try to stop her betraying the vote of the British people and as such, we need to campaign hard for a hard Brexit.
By not getting rid of Theresa May, Brexit supporting government ministers are showing that they are too weak to stand up for what they believe in. They are showing themselves to be weak cowards who are too scared of losing an election to a commie, what they don’t seem to understand is that by getting rid Theresa May they will be getting rid of the biggest drag on their poll ratings.

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