Nigel Farage Is Correct, 17.4m Did Not Vote for a Fake #Brexit

On the 8th December, Nigel Farage posted a tweet that caused quite a stir. In this tweet, he stated that the seventeen million people who voted for Brexit did not vote for capitulations by the Conservative party.

Nigel Farage is as always correct. The British people did not vote for this BS coming from a remainer led government who would be at a political advantage if Brexit was to fail. Personally, I think that Theresa May has been doing everything in her power to make sure that Brexit fails as she campaigned for remain and as such has no reason to see Brexit succeed at all.
People like Nigel Farage have been campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union and that motivation is something we should all look up to. People like him is why we should keep fighting to bring Brexit back to our side and away from the remainers who don’t believe in democracy.
Never trust a Government led by remainers.

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