Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and David Davis, Betraying the #Brexit Result

After the disastrous Brexit deal signed today, which could keep the UK in the single market and in the customs union. You would expect the brexiteers in the government to have big enough balls to tell Theresa May that her ideas are really stupid but in reality, these pro-Brexit ministers are just repeating the governments’ line.

Boris Johnson was one of biggest figures in the office leave campaign, but here he is congratulating the prime ministers for a deal that gives away powers to the EU.

Michael Gove was another well-known figure of the official leave campaign (tho not as well known as Boris Johnson). This is him avoiding mentioning any of the downsides of the deal reached between Theresa May and the EU.

Finally, we get onto David Davis, who was going to be the most likely to replace Theresa May as prime minister but now he has shown his support for her deal with the EU, the members of the conservative are extremely unlikely to vote for him. Basically, doing this has ruined his chances of becoming prime minister himself.

So when you read of these pro-Brexit MP’s supporting a deal that puts that allows Northan Ireland to control the whole of the United Kingdom when it comes to Brexit. Just remember when you are putting in your next to vote, you need to vote for UKIP to show the tories how bad of a mistake they have made.

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