Jonathan Djanogly MP, Is Betraying the People of Huntingdon on #Brexit

Official portrait of Mr Jonathan Djanogly Chris McAndrew (cut out and placed on another background)[CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

On the 23rd June 2016, The fine people of Huntingdon voted to leave the European Union (54.2% leave). This is unsurprising as the town is extremely conservative.

Know just how popular Brexit is with the locals of Huntingdon you would think that the MP would represent his constituents. The problem is that in reality, the local MP is Jonathan Djanogly is a remainer. Generally, a conservative MP campaigning for remaining in the European Union would not be not bad as most remain supporting Conservative MP’s will vote with their constituency.
The big problem with having Jonathan Djanogly MP represent Huntingdon is that he is unwilling to support the views of his constituency as he was one of nineteen people to sign a letter for Theresa May To Ignore “Highly Irresponsible” “Brexiteer MPs”.
My suggestion is that the fine people of Huntingdon should stop voting for the conservatives as the current safe-seat situation leads to issues like this, where the MP does not represent the view of his voters.

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