It’s Time For #UKIP To Take Over #Brexit Negotiations

As a UKIP supporter, it has been disappointing to see to Theresa May make such a pig’s ear of the Brexit negotiations. This includes offering the EU a fourteen billion pound “divorce payment ”, allowing a foreign court to have sovereignty over this country, Trying to get a two year “transition period” (read trying to keep us in the EU by the back door.
But none of this should surprise anyone as Theresa May is a remainer and as such, it would be in her political interest to stop Brexit. She even refused to say whether or not she back Brexit now she is the prime minister.
So as supporters of UKIP, how do we ensure that we get the hard Brexit we want?
In answering this question, the first major point I need to get across is that we can not trust the Tories to deliver Brexit at all. As such; we need to build support for UKIP back up to where it was in 2015 and some of the way we could achieve this includes:

  1. We need to organise pro-Brexit campaigns with local UKIP parties.
  2. We need to share content related to UKIP on social media.
  3. We need to make it clear to the Brexit supporters around us that they can only trust UKIP in delivering Brexit. Make sure to bring up the conservatives horrible reputation when it comes to reducing immigration.
  4. On websites like Reddit, we need to upvote content that is pro-Brexit and pro-UKIP (The same as the pro-remain side does with anti-Brexit stuff).
  5. Finally, when the remainers claim that Brexit should be stopped for “being useful to the Russians”, remind them that Jeremy Corbyn would be 100 times more useful to the Russians than Brexit will ever be.

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