Brexit, Russian Propaganda and Censorship

In this article, we will be going over narratives and how they could be used to censor people in disagreement with the people in power.

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a number of articles claiming that the Brexit vote was linked to Russian propaganda. What these people are forgetting is that every political party of every country creates propaganda.

On the Brexit vote, all sides where shit slinging anything that supported their side of the argument, but that should have been expected when you have two sides that think the other side is wrong and would cause massive harm to the United Kingdom if they won (this applies to both the remain and leave side of the argument).

Getting to the main point of this article. Governments have been pushing for more control of the media we consume. Most of the time the excuse has been to fight terrorism but narratives are hard to keep going after a while and as such, governments are now having to look for a new narrative to justify more control over our lives.

This new narrative is fake news and propaganda. Governments have figured out that after the leave side won the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump as the US president that a lot of people who supported remain and supported Hillary Clinton are looking for ways of overturning the results of those votes and elections.

So, with governments wanting more control and people desperate to overturn democratic votes, the governments had their new scapegoat to gain more control. They will push the narrative that these votes are illegitimate as they were won by “fake news” and Russian propaganda. And of course, these governments will be the ones who will have the final on the truth is, thus allowing them to censor any piece of information they want for any reason.

Finally, to the remain and Hillary supporters. I know that you are hurting right now from losing these votes, and I know that most of you also want to see the world change for the better but by giving governments the power to decide what is truth and what is propaganda will ultimately harm human progress. What happens if these governments decide that any positive changes are suddenly fake news or are propaganda? This narrative will allow governments to become dictatorships and that will doom any chances we have of a better future.

Let’s come together and talk about our differences, rather than giving away our rights to a democracy. My goals have always been to help the world become a better place, but to do that we need to get rid of this tribalism.

I hope anyone reading this article will listen to this message and help in the goal of fixing divisions.

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