How The Police Can Legally Steal From You And Ruin Your Life

The police always complain about not having enough funding to keep people safe. The thing is that the police often intermediate and arrest people for such small things like offending someone on twitter.

In the united Kingdom, a surprising amount of police forces have been driving by politics rather then the duty to protect people. This has lead to the police arresting people for “offensive” tweets all while they ignore other crime like burglary. With the police often unable to charge people with politically charged offenses they have to get really creative in order punish people without using the court.

 You may be asking; just how do the punish people without using the court. The answer to that question is that the police can release someone “under investigation”. This power allows them to steal any electronics they claim is connected to that tweet and before you ask the police are allowed to keep those items permanently by claiming you are still “under investigation”.

On top of this, knowing that you are “under investigation” pretty much stops you from being able to move on with your life as you have to prepared to go to prison at any time, at any point in the future. The combination of getting your items stolen and not knowing what is going to happen next can ruin your life.

If you are on benefits, you will lickly not be able to afford to replace your electronics meaning that you will get sanctioned for being unable to do 35 hours per week job search, and before anyone asks you are only allowed to use library computer for one hour per day. leading to the person having to use the food bank which often the person is only allowed to use three times. After those three times they run out of food and die. I never expected for this article to turn into how the police can kill people for thought crime but here we are, lets get back to the main topic.

This whole ‘released under investigation’ thing is just a power grab by the police to enforce their political agenda. The power to ruin lives and perfect for the corrupt police station.

Finally, before anyone says that the police will never abuses these powers, I know of two cases where electronics have been stolen for months (In one case the police still have the items).

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