Complain About Cyclists and Get Moaned At By The Thought Police

Another day always brings more thought policing by the metropolitan police. This story goes into a set of tweets proving that the police care more about not offending people, rather than health and safety.


On the 23rd of October, Tom Harrison wrote a tweet that viral, getting over twelve thousand retweets and fifty-two thousand likes:

But after this tweet went viral, the Metropolitan Police Cycle Safety Team replied saying that Tom Harrison was “irresponsible” in writing that tweet. This story got more exiting when Tom Harrison replied to the police with the following tweet; “You calm down health and safety”.

The last reply from the Metropolitan Police Cycle Safety indicated that they care more about not offending than about health and safety. But to be honest this just show how overtaken by political correctness that the police in this country are.
Lastly, the ending of the last tweet “Likely enough no one is offended”, indicates that if someone has been offended Tom Harrison may have ended up being arrested for complaining about idiotic cyclists.

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