Theresa May Claims She Wants to Tackle "injustice of mental illness" While Some CCG’s Still Are Making Cuts.

Today, Theresa May wrote an article for the Eastern Daily Press talking about her plans to rely on the good will of the private sector to provide mental health support of their employees. This appers to be an idea that is designed to offload public sector workload onto the private sector.
Even tho total mental health spending is expected to increase by 4.15% this year, there are still five five CCG’s expecting to make cuts to mental health funding this year. On top of that 40% of trusts have seen their mental health budgets cut over the past four years.
When Theresa May claims to want to tackle the “injustice of mental illness”, maybe she should make sure there are enough mental health beds in hospitals so people are not traveling hundreds of miles for treatment.To be honest, if Theresa May wanted this issue solved she needs to make sure that all trust are increasing their mental health funding and that mental health beds are created as per that communities requirements to stop people having to go a long way for treatment.

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