LOL Worthy MP’s Don’t Understand Email Security

Earlier today, the BBC reported that 6 MP’s have had their parliamentary emails hacked. This really makes you question what idiots are running the country, I mean why would you trust these people to make any policies concerning the internet.

The reason why this hack is so funny is that so many members of parliament claim to know tonnes about the internet but in reality the type of people who the chance to be part of a major party are so out of touch that they think the internet should only be a place where you find out information and hate the idea that some people might disagree with them on Twitter.
Getting to the main point of the article. This domain is protected by three-factor security, so why the hell are the extremely sensitive email addresses that MP’s hold are protected by the BBC describe as “weak passwords”? I tell you why it’s because the people who lead this country have very poor IT skills.
This is not a joke, the people we trust to come up with new laws in this country are so stupid with computers that they don’t even know basic security like setting a password that is hard to guess aka pretty much anything that is uncommon. This is made worse by the fact that the IT staff in Parliament could that even be bothered to enable 2FA which would have made it a hell of a lot harder for hackers to get into the email accounts.
Even worse is the fact that 2FA is easy to set up with office 365 (The email service provider for Parliament). It would be really good if parliament has younger people who knew how the internet worked but that won’t ever happen as the younger people are the more likely they are to want change and change is not what the establishment wants.

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