Glasgow Thought Police Arrest Man For Sweary #Anti-Tory #Poster

On the 19th of may, a man from Glasgow was arrested for displaying an Anti-Tory poster which included the statement “Fuck off You Tory Cunts”.

In case you did not know Glasgow is the most violent city in the UK. On top of this, it’s police force has faced huge budget cuts. You would have thought that will all of these budget cuts, the police would be concentrating on serious crimes but this is Glasgow police we are talking about.
It is really annoying that we have a country which thinks that someone feeling should be protected at all costs. A country where people can’t bear being challenged on their views and want people they don’t to be censored. To be perfectly honest, it is not a surprise that people are so weak in this country as we have never had to face a truly dictatorial government.
I know a lot of people will hate me saying but any laws that act to censor people trying to put a political point across is a sign that we are not living in a real democracy. I know people go about muh “hate speech” but be honest with yourself, you know this who hate speech thing is just an attempt to justify censorship under the excuse of making people feel better. If you want a true democracy, then get rid of these terrible laws and tell people to grow a spine and stop complaining about hurt feelings.

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