Just How Easy Is It To Report A Fake Hate Crime?

The media has been actively reporting a huge surge in reported hate crimes, over the past year. These include increases in hate crimes reported after the Brexit vote and after the London Bridge attacks. 

The problem with these articles is that they rely on reports of hate crimes rather than convictions. This would not be too bad if you had to give you real details over to the police which would allow them to charge people who make false allegations with Perverting the Course of Justice. Unfortunately, there is a website where you can report alleged hate crimes completely anonymously.
How easy is it to report a fake hate crime? Well. If you go to the True Vision website, you will notice they is a big red button that states “Report Hate Crime Click Here”. If you click that button it will take you to the “Incident Reporting Form”, this form does not require any personal details from you. This makes it extremely easy to come up with some bullshit and have it recorded as a hate crime.
Why would someone fraudulently fill in that form? To gain public sympathy. Let’s say that you are a race baiter who want’s to claim that your race of people is being oppressed. The best way of tricking the public into believing you is to falsely claim on the true vision website that someone of your race is being beaten up by some racists.
You may be asking about how someone would be able to fill in enough false reports for the media pick up on the “problem” and give you the public sympathy needed to advance your political goals. That is pretty simple and can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Use the TOR browser to fill in a hate crime report.
  2. Quickly come up with a fake racist attack. Just claim to be a witness, so the lack of names does not look suspicious.
  3. Close the TOR after filling in that report. Closing after each report is required otherwise, the police will notice a lot of reports coming from one IP address.
  4. Repeat steps one to three as many times as you feel is needed for the press to take notice. You should easily be able to do at least one hundred false reports per day.

What should you have learned from this article? You should never trust any news sources that claim there has been a surge in hate crimes as anyone can easily fake them for political gain.

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