Only 21% Of People Want Brexit To Be Canceled

London Brexit pro-EU protest March 25 2017 48.jpg By Ilovetheeu (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

YouGov just released a new poll showing that only 21% of the population are hard remainers. This means that 70% of people want to leave the European Union.

These polling results will be surprising to anyone that has seen a left wing echo chamber. In case you did not know, an echo chamber is a place where only one view is generally expressed.
What really surprises me is that they are still people who want the results of the EU referendum thrown out. These are the type of people who want a dictatorship. I know that most of them won’t admit their desire for a dictatorship but their action speaks otherwise.
On the topic of people not liking democracy. When I was browsing some of the more left-leaning parts of Reddit I noticed a huge amount of people claiming that apparently, referendums are not democracy. This is laughable as giving people a direct vote on an issue allows the government to know what their population actually want. This is far more democratic than having MP’s vote on behalf of the people they are meant to represent.
Lastly, some people need to understand that protests will never be more effective when compared to voting. For some reason, a large amount of the student population thinks that protesting change anything. In reality, that student population would cause a lot more change by simply voting.
As a centrist, I can just sit back and watch the political extremes fighting it out with both sides using ridiculous arguments to try to justify their crazy ideas. The word would be a much better place if people tried to come up with ideas that would benefit everyone, rather than what we have current which is the two sides trying to find ways of making life harder for their political opposition.

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