Don’t Trust Theresa May’s Government To Decide What Extremism Means

By ukhomeoffice [OGL or CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has stated that the government will crack down on all forms of extremism. This includes extremism that is expressed online and offline.

Cracking down on extremism may sound like a lovely idea but, in reality, anti-extremism laws are abused by governments who want to censor anyone that are critical of them. If you want to see a sample of how governments use these laws, then you only have to look at turkey who after an attempted coupe used a sate-of-emergency to shut down over 140 news organisations.
Laws like this directly lead to people being less dissentful of the government. This is because people don’t want to their quality of life at risk by going to prison. This will allow the government to get away with any abuses of human rights without anyone getting in the way of their plans.
So why do so many support this policy? Well, most people are pretty stupid when it comes to politics. Most people will believe what politicians as long as those politicians cover up their dreadful policies with enough political spin.
What are the chances of the Conservatives abusing their power to censor criticism? Pretty high as Theresa May’s time in office has already been met with scandal after scandal. You need to also remember that Theresa May has done everything possible so far to stay in power, if she can censor people disagreeing with her then she will have not opposition.
So in summary;  Theresa May claims to want to crack down on extremism but is super vague about what extremism is. This vagueness has been abused by countries like Turkey to get rid of political opposition. This will keep Theresa May in power by allowing her to do the same as Turkey.

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