Terrorist Attacks Are Just An Excuse For Theresa May To Censor The Internet

Last night there was a far-right terrorist near the Finsbury Park mosque, which of cause means the British Prime Minister has issued a statement. As expected Theresa May sounded like a robot.

The thing I have always noticed about Theresa May is her dislike for the internet. This is likely due to the fact that the internet makes it harder for her to control the population. You might be asking “why does she want control of information”?  Well, as I mentioned in one my past articles, Theresa May has made loads of mistakes while she was home secretary which are extremely embarrassing for her. Thus if she was able to enact her policy of censorship, she would then be able to make any inconvenient information disappear.
Why does Theresa May always talk about her plans for censorship after a terrorist attack? Because it allows her to apply some political spin and claim that her plans are about stopping terrorism. Without the spin, people would start to realise that these plans would give her government the powers to silence dissent and even jail opposition parties. Thus giving her the powers to turn the UK into a one party dictatorship.
All of this is from a woman who claims to love freedom of speech but in reality, just wants speech that agrees with her political point of view. Unfortunately, her views are not uncommon as you will find that a large part of the population are perfectly fine with censorship, as long as that censorship does not affect the people they are with.
So in summary; Theresa May makes a speech in which she strangely claims to love freedom of speech, all while calling for censorship of the internet. Making her a compleat hypocrite.

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