Do You Really Trust Theresa May With The Grenfell Tower Fire Investigation?

Sky News today posted on their Twitter accounts, that the public inquiry into the cause of the Grenfell Tower fire will have to report directly to Theresa May.

Do you really trust a prime minister who is a massive authoritarian to act in the public interest with this inquiry? Of cause not, it is in her interest to try to mess up this inquiry as the results are likely to be embarrassing to The Conservatives.
If you want the public inquiry to be trustworthy, then it has to report directly to the public with no early previews for the government whatsoever. This will give the government far less time to try to spin findings to make themselves look good. All of this will lead to the public inquiry being carried out honestly and without bias.
Just one more thing. If your going to protest deaths caused by the fire, then please do it in a peaceful as being violent and disruptive will only lead to the public turning aginst your cause.

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