Theresa May Favorability Rating Collapses In Just Two Weeks

By ukhomeoffice [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

British prime minister has just suffered another embarrassing setback as her net favorability collapses to -34%. At the same time, Jeremy Corbyn’s favorability rating has surged to a natural position.

This couldn’t be any more embarrassing for the prime minister. I mean, how could you be so useless that you are less popular than some crazed communist? Well, you can do what Theresa May did, and launch a manifesto that screws over your core voter base.
I remember in April, the conservatives were expected to get a 150-170 seat majority and Labour was expected to get completely wiped out. Hopefully, this election will teach future politicians that you can never take advantage of “safe votes” to keep you in power.
Thanks to Theresa May, this country is going to be a laughing stock in the negotiations with the European Union. To be honest the government will probably not stay togeather long enough to complete those negotiations.
I just wish we had decent politicians rather than the idiots, who just happened to have gone to the right schools.

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