Guido Fawkes Helping Skwawkbox To Rank In Google

Yesterday, the popular political blog Guido Fawkes published a story about another Skwawkbox posting fake news claiming that D-notices were being given out in relation to the Grenfell Tower fire.


When looking at the article, I saw a link that directly went to the fake news story posted on The Skwawkbox. After seeing that link, I decided to check if Guido had remembered to no-follow it and to my surprise, the link was a full-blown do-follow one.

I know that most people who follow politics won’t know much about SEO or what a do-follow link is but let me explain it to you like this; In Google, every website is ranked based on it’s SERP score. The SERP score is a points system that takes into account hundreds of different factors of your websites, but not all of these are given the same weight. It would be way too complex to explain how exactly Google works in this article but what you need to know is one of the most important ranking factors is the quantity and quality of backlinks, you have going to your website. Most social media will use a “no-follow” tag in any that are posted which tells Google not to pass on the ranking factor to that link (otherwise known as link juice).

If you have a website, then you should know that if you link to untrustworthy (do-follow) websites then Google might start to trust your website less which could affect your ranking.

Anyway, I hope that I have explained some of the basic concepts of SEO to you as it’s not really a topic that is easy to explain to newcomers (especially at midnight).

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