Terrorism to "hate speech" and the slippery slope of censorship

For the past ten years, I have noticed that governments are trying to find more and more excuses to gain more control of their citizen’s lives. For left-wing governments, the most common excuse is people spewing “hate speech” and for right-wing governments, the excuse has been terrorism.

Even tho the two sides use completely different excuses, they both want this power for the same reason. They want to be able to control what people are allowed to say about their governments. As if their citizens, point out issues with any policies enacted by that government then it could cause people to vote a different way.
The best evidence of this happing are the talks between Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron, which claims to be about fighting terrorism online but looking at the article “France and UK forge online counter-terror plan“, it quickly becomes obvious that these talks are not just about fighting terrorism but are about fighting “hate speech”. If you know anything about “hate speech” laws then you know they are extremely vague, to the point where even saying hello to someone could land you in prison. If you read the linked article on EUobserver, then you will see that these governments are already going down the slippery slope with their plan to force companies to take down any “unacceptable content”, which be can anything the government don’t like.
The thing that has become obvious to me is that most people don’t really want free speech. Most people will claim to love free speech but in reality, only want the speech they agree with to be allowed. In world war 2, millions of men lost their lives to protect freedom but sadly most people have forgotten the lessons that history teaches us. The “hate speech” laws you see popping up all over Europe are caused by people who have been taking in by propaganda and as such, I fear that these people will cause the next dictatorship to happen, just so their feeling are not hurt.

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