In politics, diversity doesn’t matter at all

If you have been paying attention to the media, you would have noticed how much they talk about diversity in politics.

In politics, all that matters is what policies that the people wanting to gain power want to introduce. What some people need to understand when they claim to love diversity is that every group has their bigots. When political parties pander to groups based on characteristics they can’t control, the people they will attract are often bigots who are looking for others to justify they bigotry.
Once those bigots gain enough power, they will start to push for policies that discriminate’s aginst other groups. For example, feminists pushed through the duluth model which presumes that domestic violence is almost always caused by men. This presumption is sexist aginst men but feminists justify this sexist model by claiming it “reduces violence against women”.
What can a political party do to avoid attracting bigots? Well, it is simple, they just need to make policies that have a positive effect on everyone in society and stop trying to pander to people based on their; race, gender, religion or any other characteristics they have no control over.
In closing; I think that a better world is possible if people started to use logic rather than their feelings. People only like identity politics because it makes them feel like they are helping a minority group when in reality they are just helping the bigots in those groups.
Now to see how long it takes for someone to call me a racist or a sexist for believing in ideas backed up by logic.

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