Vote UKIP, Not The Conservatives

Theresa May 1984

By UK home office [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Looking at the comment section on Sargon of Akkad’s latest video “The Most Important Election in a Generation”, I have noticed they are a lot of people, thinking of voting in Theresa May because they think she will get Britain the best deal from Brexit.

Over the last few days, I have been trying to get across to people just how bad the conservatives are. This was done over two articles; Nicholas Wilson (Mr Ethical) censored by Amber Rudd for bringing up sales of arms to Saudi Arabia (Which shows Amber Rudd shutting someone down at a debate for bringing up a difficult topic) and Censorship and suppression of dissent coming to Britain (In which I go over the possible real reasons why Theresa May wants control of the internet and how she has failed to tackle terrorism).
If all of this has not convinced you that voting for the conservatives is a horrible idea, then maybe you should also know that she is also anti-free market. So why should vote for? Well, if you want to vote a party that will go after the roots of terrorism, will get the best Brexit deal and are pro-free market, then you should vote for UKIP.
You may ask me if voting for UKIP is the same as voting for Jeremy Corbyn. To that I say, you should never vote for someone, just because you think the other person is worse if a better alternative is available. Even if voting for UKIP gets Labour in power, it will be worth it over the longer term as the conservatives will be willing to do anything to get your vote back.
If you vote for The Conservatives on Thursday, you will be voting to risk democracy itself as the powers Theresa May wants will allow her mark any political party as “extremists” and get them shut down. It won’t matter if that party is the is truly “extremist” or just an annoyance to her, it won’t have any oversight, this will allow her to turn this country into a dictatorship and the people at fault for that happing will be the people who vote her in this Thursday.
In summary; Theresa May wants powers that can be abused to shut down rival parties and as such, you should never vote for her.

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