Censorship and suppression of dissent coming to Britain

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Theresa May has over the past year been saying that the internet should stop being a safe space for terrorists, which in theory sounds like a fantastic idea. But this is coming from a prime minister who has; Allowed up to up to 350 jihadists to return from Syria, failing to respond to warning calls to the anti-terror helplineSaudi Arabia funding of mosques that teach Wahhabism and is a supporter of Sharia Law.

All of this should get you thinking of the real reason why Theresa May wants more control of the internet if she is doing so little to stop to terrorism. This is where the 2017 conservative manifesto come in, contained within is this really interesting sentence “We will lead a global effort to close down online spaces for those who abuse children, incite violence or propagate hate speech“.

Or to put like, the government wants to have powers to decide which websites are propagating “hate speech” and have them shut down. If you have spent any time looking at european politics then you know that the phrase “hate speech” heavily abused by governments to silence people who disagree with their immigration policies.
Some people might say that this will never happen in Britain but with the prime minister support of Sharia Law and this push to ban “hate speech”, I would say it is extremely likely we could a lot of websites banned and this could easily be expanded to allow the government to ban policial parties they think is “hateful” like UKIP, when in reality parties like UKIP hold the government to account by creating a risk of a split vote which causes a inconvenience for the Conservative party who want to be able pass any extream policy they want without the risk of having their vote split by pissed off voters.
So to recap; the conservatives are trying to get more powers to censor the internet by publically claiming it is to stop terrorism but in reality, it appears to be a convenient excuse to silence people who disagree with the government.

An extra bit, you may have noticed the lack of coverage of this issue by the political blog; Guido Fawkes. I sent them an email on the 19 May 2017 about this myself:

I was looking though the conservatives manifesto and noticed this line that could lead to any news website getting shut down including Guido Fawkes:
From the manifesto: We will lead a global effort to close down online spaces for those who abuse children, incite violence or propagate hate speech
They could claim your criticism of politicians is “hate speech” and go after your website, and as they are going after social media websites as well it suggests they won’t care where your company is based aka Global & General Nominees Limited  being registed in Saint Kitts and Nevis won’t stop them going after you. My guess is they will try to bully your domain provider into suspending your domain or arrest anyone working for you if they step foot inside the UK.
This kind of censorship is what you would expect from the Labour Party but now it appers that the conservatives have become the new Labour Party.
Thank You
Matthew Morgan

To which I got this response from Paul Staines about 19 minutes after the email:

Good luck to them over-turning the US constitution.

After receiving that reply I sent him another email:
I am talking about the UK, also they could block your website for being “harmful” is you don’t toe their line and that would be a major issue for Guido Fawkes.
My advice to anyone is always to read between the lines.
Matthew Morgan

 After about 6 hours I received this last email from him
We shall be vigilant.

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