Dailyrecord And Mirror Doxing People They Disagree With Politically

Dailyrecord And Mirror Doxing People They Disagree With Politically

The left wing always claims to be tolerant people but when someone disagrees with the political opinion of the left they often become very intolerant of that person’s political opinion.

So today the Dailyrecord And Mirror decided to release the personal information (Including showing an image of his home) of YouTuber Millenium Woes all while claiming he is a racist who makes hate filled videos they also call him an extremist, No citations are provided to back up any claims made by Dailyrecord or Mirror.

The funnier thing is the Mirror make fun of him for being unemployed. The left claims to be helping the poor but here we see them making fun of someone in that position.

dailyrecord archive link | Mirror archive link

Let’s get serious for the minute, If someone doxed a feminist or a social justice left wing news websites would be crying harassment but as the person is “right wing” they start having double standards where something bad like doxing suddenly becomes acceptable.

On the alt-right, The mainstream media calls anyone who disagrees with the political establishment as being “alt-right” even tho a lot of people in those communities would of in the past been considered to be left wing, calling someone “alt-right” is seen as an easy way to avoid having to win an argument.

People should not be too scared to speak out no matter their political position as if someone’s opinion are bad then the best way to beat them is to make a better argument and if you censor someone they can claim to be oppressed by society, meaning that political position goes underground into echo chambers until someone who is not scared of beeing arrested or being beaten up for “wrongthink” will already have support and they will be nothing left you can do to make people agree with you as no one will trust you or you political position no matter how good it is.

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