Leftie Wants Ministry Of Truth


A rejected petition was calling for the United Kingdom to introduce a “Prevention of Misinformation Commission”.

From the petition itself:

A significant number of news articles and social media postings promote hatred or skew political beliefs based on information that is either completely fabricated or presented in such as way as to misinform the reader.

This is having a dire consequence on both individuals and the wider community.

If You watched 1984 you would have seen something called “Ministry Of Truth” that distributed propaganda to the public and that is what this petition would have given the power for the government to do its self.

And for that reason, it would have been undemocratic for the government to have taken the idea this petition wants into law.

And the reason I say left wing is because the person linked in the section “For more information on the problem refer to the following articles” multiple left wing news websites including, VOX, The Guardian and Washington Post.

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