Huffington Post: A Vote for Trump Was A Hate Crime


Huffington Post in all it’s regressiveness it claiming that people who voted for Donald Trump committed a hate crime anyway, we are going to get to the interesting part as most of the article is full of the person morning about MUH FELLINGS:

But does calling this vote a hate crime sound extreme? Not if you look at the definition. A hate crime is one motivated by prejudice, fear or intolerance toward an individual’s national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. 

 Only one big issue with that and that is voting is not a crime meaning it can never be a hate crime no matter what.

We live in a democracy where people can choose who leads them and if you don’t agree with the choice then though shit, you have to wait for another four years to have another chance to elect the person you want.

When voting becomes a crime you will longer live in a democracy but a dictatorship.

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