Exposure: Islam's Non-Believers Pulled From ITV Hub For "Compliance Issues"


Some people may of noticed that the show Exposure: Islam’s Non-Believers is no longer on ITV Hub that strangely came after backlash from the Muslim community,

The film follows the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, a volunteer support group led by Iranian-born activist Maryam Namazie which supports ex-Muslims, often referred to as apostates or unbelievers, both in the UK and abroad. Maryam says: “They see us as people who are troublemakers, deviants, apostates and blasphemers… There is nothing, nothing more intolerant than religion.”

This includes Ex-Muslims who are scared of they lives due to Islamic extremism in the communities this includes Islamic speakers  who support the death penalty for people who leave Islam but also followers the groups who are trying to help people escape Islam safely.

So you may be asking why was the show pulled well according the ITV Hub support it is due “Compliance Issues” which to be honest sounds like they do nothing to defend they right to broadcast the facts.

Part of the transcript from the phone call:

ITV: Just to let you know the program has been revoked from the ITV Hub, due to compliancing things issues
ME: Ohh so it’s copyright?
ITV: Yes it’s just compliance issues as it’s not able to go out
ME: Ohh so it’s copyright compliance issues?
ITV: Say that again
ME: Oh so it’s copyright compliance issues?
ITV: So Not Not a copyright issue it’s a compliancing issue
ME: Compliancing with what?
ITV: Due due to compliance just compliance
ME: Mmm that’s strangely unspecified
ITV: Well that’s the information we have unfortunately
ME: Ok bye

Note to ITV if you try to lie about this then i will have to release the call recording to back up the authenticity of the peoples populism.

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