Frank Dainty The Authoritarian Judge Who Fined Rowan O'Connell For An "Offensive Message"


Rowan O’Connell was fined £275 and ordered to pay costs of £115 for sending the message:

good for nothing, spice smoking, Toxteth monkey
“As I say, who gives a fuck.”

So what happened is for a comment he gets fined all while the public are told that police may no longer attend burglaries but ofcause why deal with real crimes when you can just become the thought police who does not deal with real crimes instead deals with people who hurt peoples precise feelings, The police in this country are profectic to deal with thought crimes and it goes feather to prove that the UK is not a free country but a dictatorship as without free speech you don’t have a democracy, No matter how bad the speech is it has to be protected.
That last part of Frank Dainty said proves that he is a authoritarian:

“We are not happy at all, and can I make it clear that any racial offence will be strongly dealt with.”

This proves why we need a real democracy where we can fire useless judges who take on minor cases while all over the country more serious crimes are ignored by underfunded police forces who love the power they get as they can fuck over communities without any chance of losing they jobs.

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