YouTube Heroes Encouraging Mass Flagging


Google has launched YouTube Heroes for people to become more involved in the community but in reality it appers to be a way to get the community to do YouTube’s work for them, Some concerning things are present in the videos like trying to get people to report “Negative Content” or even worse allowing higher up users to have access to a mass flagging tool that would making it easier for people to file off false flags on videos to get people censored (More flagging wars on YouTube).
YouTube has taken down people’s videos in the past without seeing if the videos are really what was reported even tho most of the videos like this are allowed back up if someone appeals the flag but most people are too scared to appeal.
This move is not what YouTube should be doing if it wants to turn a profit as YouTube needs videos to have alot of traffic before that video makes them any money (The really low view videos loses YouTube money due to having to store the video) so what they should be doing is promoting smaller channels in order for those people to start making YouTube money.

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