S.A.F.E Movement Was Suspended From Twitter


Earlier today a group called S.A.F.E Movement got they Twitter account suspended, This group campaigns aginest discrimination and Guardianship against women in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, It appers that this was due to mass false reports from Saudi Arabia men who do not respect the rights of women,
Issues like this are due to how social media networks automatically suspend accounts if enough people flag content meaning that if a group wants to censor someone for a day all they need to do is flag as often social media networks won’t punish people who false flag allowing them to get away what ever they want.
But Twitter might be doing what one of it’s share holders wants, Saudi prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud who owns 3.2% meaning that he could pressure Twitter due to how many people who tiny amounts of stock.
Twitter should not be allowing false reporting from oppressive counties at all but Twitters left wing ideas means that it is unlikely to take action as it would break multiple narratives.

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