Golliwog Dolls And Hypocrites


I saw a news article on The Guardian called “The ‘right’ to sell golliwogs is not something we should be fighting for in 2016 ” and reading it reminded me how hypocritical the mainstream media really is.
In the 2014 The Guardian covered a Nick Cannon was doing white face (Where a black person put on make up to look like a white person) and i noticed that The Guardian was not calling for him to be banned at all or calling offence to white people and even tried to put a positive spin on it with this section “Nick Cannon sparked controversy by highlighting racial stereotypes while promoting his new album”
To be honest everyone should be allowed to express anything they want this includes all races,genders and religions as the best way to get rid of bad ideas is to argue with the person.
Censorship of any type will not make any side happy in the end it will just create resentment and mean that bad ideas go unchallenged.

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