Shitty Laws: Outraging Public Decency

Outraging public decency is a common law offence where someone does something lewd, obscene or disgusting (public nuisance) but you might of already spotted the problem that the law is subjective and is they to protect peoples feelings and ofcause the bigger issue is that depending on area where you are tried the jury may have a bias like in a left wing area like Scotland someone could get you put in prison for saying something that people in that community do not agree with meaning that someone who does not share a political believe of that area could be punished for “wrong think”.

OUTRAGING PUBLIC DECENCY 1.7 Outraging public decency is also a common law offence, and was formerly regarded as one form of public nuisance.
The offence can consist of any act or display fulfilling the following conditions:
(1) it must be lewd, obscene or disgusting to such an extent as to outrage minimum standards of public decency as judged by the jury (or other tribunal of fact) in contemporary society
(2)it must occur in a place which is accessible to or within view of the public
(3) two or more persons must be present during the act or display, whether or not they are aware of the act or display or are outraged by it
Simplification of the Criminal Law: Public Nuisance and Outraging Public Decency


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