Conservative Party Not Following Immigration Promise

The Conservative has not reduced immigration to the tens of thousands infact immigration has hardly decreased since the Conservatives came into power in 2010 and even worse they have not solved the issue of immigrants abusing the welfare system including a family of ten refusing a five bedroom house (They are currently in a three bedroom house costing the tax payer £1,278 per month) bypassing the £20,000 benefit cap,
So it appers in reality any reforms only apply if you where born in this country and if you are a immigrant you get special treatment,
This type of thinking that allows immigrants to be treated better comes from political correctness that makes people scared to question anything done by a minority which causes the minority to get more rights then the people born in this country meaning that things become unequal and this is one of the biggest factors that causes people to hate all immigrants when a more reasonable response should be in order like treating all people equal and not discriminating to the advantage of the immigrants, political correctness is not going to help any underling situations at all infact it is just like sticking your head in the sand hoping that the issues with resolve themselves that is a system that will never work.
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