1704% Increase Emergency Food Bank Usage Since The Conservatives Become Government

According to the Trussell Trust the number of three-day emergency food supplies given by Trussell Trust foodbanks has increased from 61,468 in 2010-2011 to 1,109,309 in 2015-2016 that represents a 1704% increase in the amount if emergency food supplies given by Trussell Trust with 41% caused by issues with benefits(2015-2016) and the biggest cause being benefit delays 27.95% (2015-2016). (Citation)
Welfare Reform Act 2012 increased sanctions , including 120 disabled people receiving a full 3 years sanction meaning that about 50% of income for them is gone, some sactions have been applied for outrageous reasons, including moving an appointment due to your granny dieing in the night but the job centre loses the letter or because you are at a job interview,
The actions seen here are actions of a government who does not care for the poor but that is not surprising as David Cameron said the Tories ‘resent’ the poor all while the government cuts taxes for the rich by moving the 40% higher tax bracket £41,900 to £50,000.

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