Police Want To Deal With "misogyny" Rather Than Dealing With Real Crimes

Police across the country are considering making misogyny a hate crime after Nottinghamshire made it a hate crime themselves.
The main thing they want to deal with is “Threatening words” (It will become disagreeing with a women before long) and ofcause most of the items were already real crimes meaning this is only here to bring unfair sentences depending on the gender of the person doing the crime (As hate crimes get seen as worse by courts).
Basically this is a way to create punishments that affect men worse but won’t touch women who are misandrists because society sees women oppressed and men as abusers allowing women to do what they like and almost never get any punishments for it.
In 2014 Nottinghamshire Police said it would not attend a third of crime reports so this bullshit is taking away resources from real crimes (Citation)
So why do police want to make “misogyny” illegal? It gives them powers to be as corrupt as they want as the public has no say in what police officers are employed meaning that any old authoritarian could get in, and they would be more then happy to abuse that power to bully the public into doing anything they want done aka it is a complete police state.
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BADGE – England – Nottinghamshire Police Pipe Band hat badge by Dave Conner (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

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