Police Confiscate Phone Of Women And Then Tries to Grab The Phone Off Man Who Was filming

A police officer (Officer 1453) took a phone off a women because (he wanted to speak to her) then when the person recording asks the question “Why did you take the ladies phone” then he asked a plain clothed police officer to identify himself but he refusing saying that “he is not part of this” then when he ask the first police a second time he says “It might be used to hamper our investigation into whatever they dealing with.”,
The second police officer in shoot then tries to grab the person filming the events camera (Laying arms on the person aka if a member of public did they then it would be common assault but when a police officer does it then nothing comes out of it).
The second police officer then tries to justify it by saying “Why have you decided to stick your nose into something like that”.
In the later parts of the video the police officers talk about being called about a female in a white jacket (Not the one who her phone taken away by the police) saying that they wanted the details of the women who was not even suspected of a crime then make claims about removing a swing that still in place then tried claiming that she had to give details under the road traffic act even tho they did not know that she even had a car.
So in summary the police officers act extremely badly and one of the things might of been illegal (Common assault) then try to come up with some lame ass excuses to try to justify those actions aka unprofessional,corrupt and dangerous.

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