Authoritarian Police Constable Gary Howard Threatens Person With Eviction For Filming Them

Gary Howard threatens to have to have a man evicted for asking him to leave his to leave his rented accommodation.
When the person filming asked for Gary Howard of Bolton police to leave his home Gary Howard then threatened to have the person evicted saying that the person made a threat to smash someone’s windows but did not provide any evidence to back up the claim Gary Howard also said that the person’s son had been smashing windows while “Playing Games” but also provided no evidence for this claim and infact the person filming said they had witnesses that disagreed with Gary Howard but for obvious reasons did not give the names to the officer (Risk of intimidation to witnesses due to attitude shown by Gary Howard).
Getting further into the video the officer makes several false threats including claiming he put his hand if the officer’s face when he was some distance away and that is after the officer tried to smash the camera out the person’s hand.
And he did not even show his police numbers.

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